Life is JUICY

part two.
March 3, 2009, 2:40 am
Filed under: RANDOM much?

as i read this i almost cried. sometimes i wish things could go back to the way they used to be just because it seemed so much easier.

“Me && Dariels Insiderss

WARNING:if your going to read this it may take some time cause its long  && also it probably wont manke ANY sense soo good luck =] it got too long for my page soooooo here it is [my]friends true losers – [mr.] christopher maurice brown my remedy && hes NOT gay && i am wifey kid-[Chipotle] now that i can eat a whole burrito =]-CaramelFrappuccinos && StrawberryCremes oooo lala =] -[chik-fil-a] milshakes cause then dee gets a serious sugar high- being a [camera] whore -[standing] out && acting different cause being wayyy to weird -[jessica moments]wayyy to many -[dancing] with with dee dee to soulja boy [watch meyuaaaa]-[summertime]-bikinis+hollister+food=a serious fetish -using [big] words at camp -[tick tick boom] dynomite lol dee donatello -[inside jokes] cause they are oo so sexy -[pictures] can tell you so much about a person -[lauging]my other remedy && at how deedee stole this from her sister -[eating] equals love for life -[taking] pictures cause once again ima camera whore-[thinking] about him -[the] aroma of axe …bom chicka wah-wahhhhhh -[lip gloss] from VICTORIA SECRET cause its the freakin best -[partying] o the memories =] -[nights] with dede && drea && nene[juicy] -ritas ,brusters && cold stone oooooo -[hearing] deedee sing no comment -[shopping] cause its the best thing created -[skinny]jeans-jock jams-black beaners lol-gogo head immataters [ay beat yo feet]-AEI boys lol-Achoo boys the [best] to hate- Hollister Bags -Racing tubby to the ice cream truck-Rock Creek-rating slow mph- -Balancing on the richter scale -Jewlery – u can never have too much -Kings Dominion-top pops-grenades in my bed lol-mr.trann soo gangsta –[Reggie] bush my fav. footballer –[travee] McCoy my fav. rocker dude-[Drake] my fav.rapper-[biscuit] boys now where my butter?? lol-govener & prime minister-2.4.5 -my invisible bathing apes -sour patch kids -under the umbrella ella ella ella ey at borher park -going to wheaton with losers lol -watch me crank that robo cop-out like a fatkid in dodgeball lmaooooo-flying cause i will do it one day [trust]-gioooooooooooooooooooooooooooo -[moments] with my besties too much to say –our beautiful lego manison[barbie dream house] -amusment park -crank dat-the devil wears gymboree-he has his own theme song – annoying campers -the boy who walks like tango =] oo i likey-[beaters]there should be a day -[crazy] soxxxs -jammin to [unfaithful]-[private parties]cause only the cooloest of the cool get invited -old chinese ladies -i be up in the [gym] just working out my fitness –picouuuuuuuuuuuu -bffn =] -[music]the soundtrack to my life -[camera] moments in the mirror -[deedees] live concerts-[senior] week already planning-[trashing] hotels cus imma rockstar -[my tools]m.c wrench && screw driver && m.c.nails go hard or go homeee -[nasty] cicis pizza-going to chicagoo -[my]loserish bffs -slave moments -six flags && not because of the rides -talking to dee on the fone about nothinggggg -just crop it -[roller]skating hatas getting mad cause i got me some roller skates -old music cause the new stuff is weird -to the minnnnn -twin power moments we have alot -monique crazy lady- camp [but we have soo much fun=] -tubby && ratatouille-el negro loco much -[having] fun everywhere -neds declassified -addicting shows-hannah montana -baldwin hills [cause it the ghetto laguna beach] -oo ee oh aa ting tang wala wala bing bang -bom chicka waa waa for biscuits only -icons -wat_a_bummer -water ballons its not over -shopping all day o man i wish -japanese cherry blossom -juicy crewww -jockers cause they aint orginal -shes not on my level-denise && nailah weirdos that i love- i didnt know u had something for my dad lol -[ncdi]north creek drop in let the good times roll -getting hit in the head with a dodgeball my offcial source -norbit&&katie at camp -his anthem [scrubs-tlc] – exit && enter two differnt things-chipotle again cause dsmn im hungry –sneaking ice cream away from fat camp -jazz hands-hiding food in the closet -t&&t marriage lol bffn lol-if only he was a head taller-playing tag on facebook -coming up with half of this stuff with deedee on the fone right now*ping*-so dazed-afroman-cookie dough-asshole in various colors-vasity lettermen jackets-varsity cheerleading uniforms-make them look bad-envious-hated on mostly-triscuits.biscuits.english muffins-chicken heads-triple dumblook-fun days with dee && drea-ultra weird twin power moments-i know where his house is but im not a stalker!!! lol-borrowing flour-happiness runs in a circular motion-bootleg xbox-you are the weakest link-weakest of the weak-i wanna play ping-pong-when the hair gets wet =]-oh no they took my fish-jesussssssss-lol lmao moments go on && on-ahhh help me-hello .hello [lmaoooooo].[bing] you are now free to move about the camp.[dun]-na-nana-nana-na bping got my smile on cus im calin c****?-thug mansionnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn we dont give a wat–what is your purpose in life?????-twin.towers–[thats]the gotcha/get it/gotten-[thats] the gotcha gotcha dee-[im]a fannah of hannnah montana -[florida] my favorite state…=].=].=]-[OMGL] oh. my. geez.louise hahahaha-when i seeeeeeeeeeeeeee u deedees theme song -.abcdefg extra long acronyms -turning the big 4.1-anna louisiana && lorinda virginia we runnn thissssss ?-your mom is the lamest song ever-touche-complicated transportation =] -pretend falling-do the robot”

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