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March 24, 2009, 5:34 am
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Karla Deras bitch is FIERCEEEEE! If I walked into her closest i would come out with clothes for a lifetime. Her style is CRAZYYYYYY!! I’ve found yet another fashion idol.



Solange (Sometimes)

my brother(he’s not gay trust)

Amber Rose & Alexis Phifer; kanye picks out the good ones

Nicole Ritchie

Olsen Twins


this list goes one but uhm

* Karla I want to meet this girl and get this she is only like what 20! She seems young to me cause my like sister** is the same exact age and for some reason she doesn’t seem that old to me. Actually Karla is 19! Her b-day is like 3day before mine.

It was all in an interview lolll.

**not exactly my sister…but i don’t know of another title.

SOOO seeing how young she is has inspired me. By the time I am 19 years old I want a closet like KARLA’S. Trust me I will be doing all the studying I can but I’m serious though! Esp. if I want to go to FIT NY fashion is nothing like fashion down here. People down here are so late I NEED TO GET WITH WITH IT!

Hopefully I can go to NY this summer since I didn’t get to go last summer haven’t been there in a year! [tear tear] and then i can go to FIT and have a tour of the place go by the NYLON offices..snoop around 🙂

“see I know my destination I’m just not there”


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