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Where is the masculinity?
April 8, 2009, 10:50 pm
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Okay this is something that has been on mind for sometime now so why not share with..whoever reads my blog?! :). Being of the younger age group I probably see it more than older people but still, what is up with guys acting and dressing more like females? Ibelieve that by the time I am ready to get married my husband and I will be going to get our eyebrows, hands  and feet done together and I find that extremely sad. The brotherly love thing is cute okay but some guys take it too far and claim it as a ‘joke’ (yeah I’m so sure). I have seen guys walk around in skinny jeans of all different color variations and tighter shirts with a lower v-neck cut than any of my clothing. I think the great thing about men and women both is that they are so separate. They are two totally different speices(if that is the word you would like to use) over the years the sterotypes have changed massively but shouldn’t there be a line that seperates a little from too much? I really want to know people’e take on this and how do you think it will be in the next few years.


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The masculinity was murdered when metro became okai.
I personally think its still there but was masked by fashion etc.

Comment by Bell

I think it’s just a trend going on now. Pretty soon, normal jeans and crew neck shirts will be worn again by the men.

And even if the trend doesn’t go away, sooner or later those guys wearing all their skinny jeans will start getting jobs and be business men who will grow up and wear suits, pants, slacks, etc.

That’s what I think it is, all a trend.

Comment by Nichelle

GIRL GET OUT OF MY HEAD! like it’s a shame that dudes are wearing tighter jeans than me. i’m cool with them wearing pants that fit, maybe a lil sag but damn! ain’t yall balls suffocating in them shits? lol do NOT get me started with the v-necks. it’s fine if it’s like a regular type t-shirt but if it’s one of those deep v necks, i’m ripping that shit off out you and stomping on it.

okay. i’m done. it’s just why can’t yall behave like your sex? DUDES, ACT LIKE A DUDE! LADIES, ACT LIKE A LADY!

if Jesus was to come back right now, he would be so disappointed.

Comment by ashanti

its crazy the way the world is going now, i understand exactly whee you coming from no doubt. but to answer the question, i dont even know how i see the world in the next five years, i won’t be surprise if they start wear women jewlery and ish.

Comment by nekey

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