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sophomore slump.
April 16, 2009, 2:54 am
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They call it the sophomore curse, most artist try to avoid it and fail. Now this is where I have a slightly different defintion of the sophomore slump than maybe some. I think that if your album does well, GREAT for the artist but the album goes through a sophomore curse when their album is horrible. When you second album only has like five songs that I really like, compared to your first where I liked the WHOLE album and every other song is just like okay then that to me is a ‘sophomore slump’. I think most artist have succeeded but then there are the others [CB,Day 26, I hate to say it Trey Songz,Danity Kane, etc] who have not been as lucky. Like I said though, many have had better second albums and I want to know why is that? Like is because of the hype surrounded them around the first and maybe it faded? Or did they just loose their touch, or grow as an artist for the musicans who have gotten better?



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I think its because some are growing as artists and want to try their own sound and the fans liked what they first came out with and would have liked for them to stick with that sound.
I think it’s mostly because of their change, trying to evolve into their own

Comment by asia

Usually the sophomore album is when the artist grows with their music, either by changing it up or singing about different topics than what was on the first album. I believe the reason for the “slump” is because the fans and the media are used to how the artist sounded like when they first came out. Especially since albums take a year to two years to make, everyone basically get used to hearing little Chris Brown sing about how he’s gonna run game on a good looking girl and they get used to seeing him walking around with a squeaky clean image that when he comes out with new material, for example talking about how he’s gonna “take you down” and with a couple tattoo’s, everyone kinda goes “WOAH!” for a bit, breeze by the next album, and move on to the other squeaky clean kid too shy to sing about sex.

On the other hand, Jesse McCartney left pop to do a more rock album for his sophomore, just to experiment with sounds, and the fans just didn’t think it measured up to his first album (I’ve been a fan of him since he first came out and I NEVER listen to his first two albums now).

So yeah, long story short, it’s not really a “slump”, it’s just how everyone perceives it to be.

Comment by Nichelle

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