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May 18, 2009, 4:02 am
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Karmaloop, Asos, Alloy-if you are a TRUE shopper then these names are too familiar. This weekend I stumbled accross another great website for some banging ass clothes. NASTY GAL for the discerning fashionista, as the header reads, is like Asos and Karmaloop and even some Alloy clothing [i’m pretty sure most of it is in Delias]. The clothes lok like they can only be found online. Which is great for people like me who hate walking around seeing a million other people in the same article of clothing as moi. It all started when I saw the GOREGEOUS GOREGEOUS GOREGEOUS GOREGOUSSSSSS dress posted above. I would give anything for that dress even is the price is around $78. Many items are indeed overprices in my eyes but if your really in ‘that type of mood’ then I doubt you will realize that you are splurging so much.The site also has some sick accessories which is good for some who don’t want to spend $118 on a shirt [yeah i know WTF?!]. Even though it does have some pretty wild priced items, the style of most of the clothing holds a vintage look, think 1980’s [sassafras baby]. HERE is the link for your viewing pleasure. And even if you don’t purchase it doesn’t hurt to look so you can recreate!!


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Comment by Apryll

nope what is it? the words lookbook interests me!! yeah they had some banging jaeffrey campbell loafer type shoes on here GAWJUS

Comment by effiee

Regular, FASHIONABLE folk posting what they wear each day. It’s invite only, but you can log in to the site if you have a tumblr or twitter. I highly recommend it. Awfully inspiring!

Comment by Apryll

And, oh man! My favorite shoe designer (though I do not own any of his designs) Jeffrey Campbell is featured on Nasty Gal. Nice. I’ll get Asti (view at someday, one day.

Comment by Apryll

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