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did I say that?
May 24, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Everyone is still not over the stupidity they see on but I found a site that is almost as great. is a website dedicated to exactly what the title says. They are not all drunken texts but just some awkward ones:

(212): the recession has oofficially hit my standards.


(323): my door was closed and her door was closed but even over the r.kelly playing at full blast i was able to hear her say “THAT’S NOT THE RIGHT HOLE!”. Def rethinking my roommate situation.


(702): It’s fine actually… I’m pretty sure he had the crookedest weiner in the world anyway.
(775): Like he had it hanging in the wind and you just decided, “nope, I don’t think that one’s for me.” ????
(702): God no! I could just feel it. His clock said it was 8:00 when, clearly, it should have been midnight.
(480): So I had sex with him again. He’s still got it. Not chlamydia, he got rid of that.
(406): The bar is so dead the tender gave us free shots for staying. They mixed 2pac and phil collins. That’s worth at least three shots.[this killed me lmao]
(949): …., I just tried brushing my hair wothh a toothbrushg. fail
(949): ps not my toothbrush awkward.
(615): drunk at some random house party. come get me. i thought i pulled my dick out to go piss… it was my left nut. im soaked.
(416): I think my emotional moodswings have reached a new low. I cried for the entire duration of changing my tampon.
(513): Im listening to a jazz version of dick in a box.
(602): So instead of cumming in her, I peed in her…
(623): What did she do!?
(602): I didn’t tell her…
(405): The funny thing is… I’m about to go to the store to buy WD-40 and condoms… That’s it.
(405): And before you ask they are unrelated purchases.
I think this site is my new favorite.

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LLS! Especially 2Pac/Phil Collins & jazz version of Dick in a Box.

Comment by Apryll

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