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sweet like honey.
May 24, 2009, 1:10 pm
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Being the youngster that I am, there happen to be somethings that happened a while ago that I am not too fond of. So, as I was doing my daily blogroll check I went over to VASHTIE’S blog and she had this post from a photoshoot she did with HONEYmagazine. Like I said, I’m young so when Honey stopped coming out I was probably at the most 6,8 maybe. But they didn’t really seem to let that get to them because now Honey magazine is a online magazine. I’ve never seen this happen before but I think it is pretty legit. With the internet, they have the freedom to do whatever they like, don’t waste money on printing the magazine, have current news when it happens and so much more. Seeing how this is feild I want to enter in the future, I really like this idea because I want to do even more in the fashion industry including retail and becoming a buyer so having a job at an online magaizine seems like it gives you more freedom. I’m not of age yet, but if anyone is interested Honey has a internship available and this is for anyone who wants to get into almost anything in the entertainment industry- designer, director, entrepenuer, whatever. You have to be a sophomore or higher in college though but everything is explained to you HERE. Whoever does try I hope all goes well!The sales of magazines have been hitting some major lows. I’m guessing that pretty soon, most magazines will end up being like Honey and only be provided online.


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