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this is bad.
June 30, 2009, 5:17 pm
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After 16 years of serving the hip-hop community, Vibe magazine is folding. I may be one of the few people hurting from this but oh well, for me this is my future. I want to be a journalist for a magazine but I don’t know how I can be if by the time I am out of college all these magazines will be over with. The editor in cheif, Danyel Smith, is someone I look up to a lot. According to the article, Vibe has gone down ever since it was bought by a company by the name of the Wicks Group. Vibe used to be hot in the 90’s and if you were influential in the hip-hop community then you were on the cover. They had the infamous death row cover with Suge Knight, Tupac, and Snoop Dogg I believe. They had the other infamous East Coast vs. West Coast cover with Biggie and Diddy and the cover shown above with Tupac. I didn’t think this day would come, hopefully they will be like Honey Magazine and continue online. Oh this is bad.

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the bad part 2
June 29, 2009, 10:21 pm
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1. Keri Hilson’s performance- Keri is just not a performer pretty face good artist just not a performer. The MJ thing at the end was okay but then the end. s m h

2.Beyonce’s weave- someone left me a comment and said beyonce’s weave needed a perm. Well yeah basically.

3.Ving Rhames[sp?]- GUNS IS MICHAEL JACKSON! ….pause

wait what?!!!!!!!

4.Soulja Boy’s performance- just foolishness and the STUPID STUPID STUPID camera effect.

5.T-Pain and that big ass waste of money. -__-

6.Beyonce with her ice queen wedding dress- Lil Duval said it best on his twitter , this is the BET awards NOT the oscars.

7.Ciara’s MJ tribute- It should be agreed upon by now that Ciara is DEFINETLEY not a singer. If she danced for the MJ tribute it would’ve been GREAT. this ehh not so much.

8. The Every Girl performance -_______________- BIGGEST S M H. Lets start with the censors, WHY PERFORM A SONG IF ALL WE HEAR IS “I like a long hair thick red bone”………………………………………….”I wish I could ………… every girl in the world” Then they were late on the censors too. THEN how are you going to sing a song about having sexual intercourse with everygirl in the world while you have 10 year old hoodrats dancing around you?

quite suspect eh?

And drake shouldn’t of performed with his torn ACL. It was his first televised performance and it wasn’t nearly as good as it could’ve been.

the good part 2
June 29, 2009, 10:09 pm
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Image7Don’t act like you haven’t seen worse.

Image8Image141. Ne-Yo’s Michael Jackson performance[the first one]- I was very excited after this performance. I was like ‘finally a good performance!’ Ne-yo’s voice is BEAUTIFUL he did the song justice.

2. Maxwell’s performance-my oh my 🙂 he SHUT IT DOWNNNNNNNN.

3.Johnny Gill, Tyrese, & Trey Songz performance- This is GREAT! It was funny cause everyone was like ‘I didn’t know Trey danced’ lmao they did great. Tyrese did veryyyy well.

3.Keke Palmer’s what should of been performance- I did not know she could sing like that!!!! It took me by surprise completely but it was great.

4. I HATE YOU JODY!- Your watching BET you must know what was behind all of this and why it was just so great lmao. Seeing as how you can see Baby Boy every hour on the hour if watch BET.

5. Guy, BBD,Keith Sweat- I’m young I know! But I’d rather listen to old school music than this crap they play on the radio now so I know about all these guys. Guy and BBD shut it down. Keith Sweat…..yeah.

the bad. the WTF. the WHYYYY?!

Image4-______- fashion.


57806440dasurs6292009105213am88730735_1088731773_1088731780_1088733210_1088733261_1088733445_1088734798_1088734813_1088734835_1088734861_1088734989_1088735016_1088735204_1088735250_10Alright, the usual suspects tiny & toya aka ghetto 1 and ghetto 2. They’re outfits weren’t necessarily bad just not for them. I think toya has offically made herve ledger HOOD. Letoya should not be wearing that dress thats all i’m going to say on that. Amerie and Amber are wearing the same dresses. But Amerie looks so plain in it. Nothing pops out except the massive load of eye makeup she’s wearing which looks horrible. I think a lot of celebs think that if you throw on a pair of the hottest shoesout now then your outfit is gold ITS NOT. Amerie thought those Alexander Mcqueen shoes would help. No honey. Neicy Nash I believe her name is….. she reminds me of an Oscar or the MTV moonman I really can’t decide. I think soulja boy should be named the coon of the year. Like PULL UP YOUR PANTS BOY. Look like you have some class and stop showing off your chain that is so like 2000 in the bling bling era SHEESH. Now LIL PAPA KNOW SHE IS WRONG FOR THAT WEAVE. Thats all. And Monica knows it’s too hot for all that. She got too much going on. In my fashion design class we did this thing on draping and had to make and outfit out of a long sheet of fabric and that is what came to mind when I saw Adrienne Bailon’s outfit. And then she throws on the big gaudy necklace no noooo. Cassie tried WAY too hard.  And her shoes don’t go. Lala’s outfit isn’t bad just not for her. Makes her look bigger than she is. MC Lyte… -_-. Trina I’m used to her outfits by now so it comes as now surprise that she wore that. Everyone was saying how bad Keri Hilson looked but that dress is OFF in SO many ways. The next chick is Claudia Jordan I don’t know what she does but she doesn’t need to be wearing that dress. AND RYAN LESLIE LOOKS SO SUSPECT. That outfit is so PAUSEABLE.

the good.

Image4Last night was ‘the night’. I have so much to say on the show in general but I’ll start with the outfit choices of these ‘celebrities’.





Not too many goods. Idris, Marlon, and Ray J were the only males that looked clean but not overly done like a pastor or something like that. Drake was one of the few males who took the casual route but did not look like a damn fool. His pants weren’t too low and or tight and he also looked clean. Another guy that looked good was Kid Cudi, I couldn’t find a decent picture of him alone though but I’ll look around. I don’t know what I like about Kanye and Amber more, Kanye or Amber. Kanye also took the casual route and looked good even though I’m wondering why he’s wearing those hot ass timbs. First time I’ve seen a dude wear timbs in a WHILEEE [i’m from the DMV we wear nike boots my friend] and Amber…man oh man she is just bad in all. She made the simple dress just pop. Beyonce’s dress was one of my favorite i loved it. Not too sure what was going on with the shoes =\. Alicia Keys looks gorgeous, that dress is beautiful! And the shoes are lovely. I love Keke Palmer’s outfit for different reasons. The dress and shoes are nice, but she doesn’t look like she is trying too hard. Keke is young so I think her outfit fits her age and she is not trying to look older than she is.

it’s 2009
June 28, 2009, 10:11 pm
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and these negroes are giving you a tutorial on BABY HAIR -_-

a 10 minute one at that -________-

June 26, 2009, 7:34 pm
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we’ve GOT to do better. this is coonery at it’s FINEST.