Life is JUICY

June 4, 2009, 1:37 am
Filed under: how HILARIOUS! | Tags: came and had/still has it’s glory. It’s the site to go to when you think your life is bad. Now there is a similar site titled MyLifeIsAverage. I’m not to sure if it’s like the ‘sister site’ to FML but it looks exactly the same just different colors or whatever. The title basically gives it all away, the post on here are AVERAGE. To find them funny I guess you would have to bring out your sarcastic side, but even then while reading I wonder why this stuff is funny to me.

Today, I had sex with my girlfriend. When she had an orgasm, she’d scream out “Yes, Ryan!” That’s my dad’s name. But it’s okay, because it’s my name too. MLIA.

Today, I had sex with the girl of my dreams. In my dreams. MLIA

Today, I discovered that my phone can read texts out loud in a robotic female voice, so I made it say “f*ck.” I laughed. MLIA

Today, I took a quiz on Facebook and it told me I am actually black. I looked at my skin and I was still white. MLIA

Today, a girl in my class asked me to sign her yearbook. I didn’t know her name so I secretly looked at what everyone else had wrote. MLIA

Today, someone asked me if I was enjoying my lunch. I said ‘mmhmm’. When I realized they were talking to the person behind me, I pretended I was humming. MLIA

Today, my parents were out of town. I thought about doing everything I couldn’t do while they were around. Instead I just went to the bathroom with the door open. MLIA


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LOL! Two of those I have done. I won’t say which, but just know that I’m lame.

Comment by Apryll

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