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June 4, 2009, 4:30 am
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Ever since Street Love, I have been a Lloyd fan. To this day, that is one of the best R&B albums that I have ever heard. When Lessons In Love came out I was SOOO excited and after playing it I was SOOO disappointed. So when I went over to CONCRETELOOP and saw that he was releasing a mixtape title Lessons In Love Version 2.0 I was VERY excited. Now comes the disappointment. First of all I was disappointed that out of the 13 songs, I already had 5 of the songs prior to the release of the mixtape [yeah yeah yeah shutupppp]. I was also disappointed that I Need Love made it to the mixtape and not the actual CD [best Lloyd song by far]. Next, I was disappointed that out of the 8 I actually transferred to my itunes only one really caught my eye. I’m disappointed in a lot of R&B artist-not just Lloyd because they do their first one or two albums that sound like straight up R&B albums, basically REAL R&B. Then they hit this stage where they want to ‘mature’ or change up their style and then their next album is all about sex, or stupid topics. If I had not had majority of songs prior to this then it may have been better for me because the songs that I already had are pretty decent. But this is just…sad I am really hoping is upcoming album will reflect Street Love more than this mixtape and Lessons In Love.


that is the download link. Listen first, different opinions. The one song I do recommend you just have or i believe you will have on constant replay is I Need Love. If you don’t understand by now, I ADORE that song.

ALSO i’m just MAD at the fact that whoever re-did that CD cover is not a legit graphic designer because OBVIOUSLY you don’t save items as JPEGs if you want them to look..professional.ugh


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