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give it to me right.
June 8, 2009, 11:49 pm
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I had her her name before but never chose to pay her anymind. New female artist come out all the time and most are trying to hard to be the next ‘rihanna’ or ‘ciara’ which is hard to believe. They should at least pick people with a slight bit of talent [Ciara does have dancing talent I’ll give her that]. Anyhow so now there is a fellow Canadian like our homie aubrey/drake/drizzy drake/@drakkardnoir-whatever, by the name of MELANIE FIONA. Many have heard her song ‘Give It To Me Right (Or Don’t Give It To Me At All) but I’m not the biggest fan on new music and as I said I was quick to judge and brushed her off. Then I see this video, which I posted above and I was in total shock. That voice is BEAUTIFUL! She has an album coming out soon entitled The Bridge, and now I’m even excited for it! What I like is that her voice in the video I posted above, which I’m guessing is pretty old compared to voice in her new song sounds very similar. She hasn’t tried to change up her style at all and try to be something that she is not-yet. So I am definetley going to keep my eye on her as time goes along I can see her becoming one of my favorite artist.


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