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In Search Of the N.E.R.D
June 9, 2009, 12:04 am
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Mickey_Factz_In_Search_Of_The_Nerd-front-largeThe first time I heard N.E.R.D’s song Take It Off it had someone rapping in the beginning. Then, I thought that was just one of the members of N.E.R.D so when I went to get the song [ahem] and it didn’t have the guy in the beginning I was confused but just gave up on finding the song. So then I head over to somebody’s BLOG[thats clickable people!] I won’t mention any name just know it’s @iamcorr. Anyhow, and the playlist on their blog was the answer to all my life long questions!! It was Mickey Factz rapping on it! I am a Mickey fan so the fact that it was Mickey made my day even better. So what else to do besides go and GET [ahem] the mixtape that this song is on?!

GO GET THIS MIXTAPE. Mickey Factz-In Search of the N.E.R.D

He uses old and new N.E.R.D beats which doesn’t really matter because either way their still [dylan]hot fiyah[/dylan](i’ll get to that later). This is one of the few hip-hop albums/mixtapes that I don’t have a problem listening to all through out. Every song on here is hot. If your a N.E.R.D fan then you will love this mixtape.

To download go to and search the mixtape title.

Sorry for the laziness =\


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