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June 10, 2009, 8:11 pm
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This is what makes Kanye one of the best out if not THE best out today [yeah NO weezy]. Not only is the lyrical content of this song great but just look at the performance. Everything about it is so right. Kanye is hype without doing all that jumping around, just sitting there with a few spasms every now and then but I still feel the energy at home! Imagine sitting in the audience and what that must be like. Then the orchestra, wow. Being a former violin player, whenever I hear strings in a song I get excited it adds something to the song that makes me love it. And on top of that their makeup! It is just adding to aura of the song and performance.

I was watching his storytellers on VH1 and even though it was a small concert Kanye had it set up as if it was his Glow In The Dark tour [which I am still mad I did not attend] The light were bright and colorful,for certain songs to add to their mood, the drum players wore all black with like these type of eye cover type visor thing over their eyes. The background singer wore this very futuristic outfit with OD shoulder pads that looked like the drum set for rock band or something like that. None the less it added to the ‘808’ feel of the performance since most of what he was performing was from 808s.

There is no way he is NOT the best.


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I get antsy listening to Kan sometimes. Heroine track. He’s one person in the world whose brain I’d love to pick. I just want to know everything that influenced him because he is so overwhelmingly creative, it’s sick, and I can’t help being this drab, boring person I am, lol.

Comment by Apryll

And B-Rocka = <3333333333333!!!!!!!

Comment by Apryll

AAANNNDD, I’m a former violinist too! I was still a novice (around second year) though when I had to give it up. Still, it’s my greatest regret. I should’ve screamed at the top of my lungs when my mum suggested I quit.

Comment by Apryll

apryll i love you.

Comment by effiee

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