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June 16, 2009, 3:13 pm
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June 22nd! 6 days away, why am I so happy? Not only does Chris Brown look rather darling at his court apparances but Rihanna is testifying and in the end hopefully the real story will get out. That is, if she actually comes. Cause who hit who first here people?! Rihanna. And who was using self defense? Chris Brown.

And NO it’s not right for a man to hit a woman but it also shouldn’t be right for a woman to hit a man either. I’ve learned from being the youngest and fighting with my brothers all the time that if you are willing to start throwing a few blows that you should be willing to receive a few too.

I was not abused as a child lmao we were just playing around.

Anyhow, just know that the 22nd will be a day where I just may not shut up.


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If …Rihanna hit him in anger…He should BE A MAN…and walk away…not beat her up like that….I dont care how many brothers u got…u never hit a woman…didnt your Mom teach those boys not to touch their sister! Well…it’s WRONG. There are lessons to be learned here…..from both sides. Just Live Your Life.

Comment by grace fuster

i agree he should’ve been a man and walked away. but like i said it shouldn’t be right for a woman to hit a man or a man to hit a woman. and yeah he should’ve walked away but it was also self defense. and your right there are lessons to be learned by both of them. i don’t support what chris brown did at all. but that does not mean he is also not the victim.

Comment by effiee

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