Life is JUICY

June 16, 2009, 3:01 pm
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This video confused me so much. First, shes crying, then the rest of the video she’s all happy go lucky. AREN’T YOU A BROKEN HEARTED GIRL?! I think the video was alos directed poorly. Like from what I believe, Beyonce wants all her ‘Sasha Fierce’ videos look the same and all her ‘Beyonce’ videos to look the same. Thats why all her Sasha Fierce ones are in black and white and of her and two other girls dancing and the Beyonce ones usually have some color in it[except for if i was a boy] and sort of have this ‘soft’ essence[i couldn’t find another way to explain it!] but this video just seemed like one big joke. Like it was badly placed together. And I’m still not sure if shes happy or sad.


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Beyonce’s Weave needs a perm

Comment by Frownsalot

LMAO!!! i agreeee

Comment by effiee

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