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finally payed 9th for the beat
June 24, 2009, 1:36 pm
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Anybody who proclaims their love for Drake knows about Comeback Season, whether your a true fan or just a bandwagoner. In my eyes, Comeback Season is his best mixtape. So far Gone has nothing on this mixtape but this arguement is for another post. One of myfavorite songs off of Comeback Season is Think Good Thoughts. The concept, the Anita Baker sample, eveyrthing about that song is just sick. So, when I was listening to it and it was cut short by mr. Rogers himself talking saying that he still needs to pay the producer, 9th Wonder, for the beat and proceed to give shoutouts and such I wasn’t exactly in the happiest mood.

Until this morning when I went over to Mr.Rogers-Brooks-Graham’s blog and BAM! It was there the full version of Think Good Thoughts.

The full version wasn’t good or bad it was just okay. I realized that it was just one verse and it was one verse I could do without,but don’t mind hearing either. None the less, I’ll stick to mynot fully paid for version.

download here.


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So Far Gone – I’m hesitant to listen. I was upset initially because I thought he was going to sign . . . with Wayne’s label (blah). My own personal boycott by not listening, I guess, LOL. I’m glad that isn’t the case, so I don’t know what I’m waiting for.

Comment by Apryll

bahahahahha listen to it!!! it’s not the best but it’s really good. after i d/l it i played it non stop

Comment by effiee

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