Life is JUICY

the bad part 2
June 29, 2009, 10:21 pm
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1. Keri Hilson’s performance- Keri is just not a performer pretty face good artist just not a performer. The MJ thing at the end was okay but then the end. s m h

2.Beyonce’s weave- someone left me a comment and said beyonce’s weave needed a perm. Well yeah basically.

3.Ving Rhames[sp?]- GUNS IS MICHAEL JACKSON! ….pause

wait what?!!!!!!!

4.Soulja Boy’s performance- just foolishness and the STUPID STUPID STUPID camera effect.

5.T-Pain and that big ass waste of money. -__-

6.Beyonce with her ice queen wedding dress- Lil Duval said it best on his twitter , this is the BET awards NOT the oscars.

7.Ciara’s MJ tribute- It should be agreed upon by now that Ciara is DEFINETLEY not a singer. If she danced for the MJ tribute it would’ve been GREAT. this ehh not so much.

8. The Every Girl performance -_______________- BIGGEST S M H. Lets start with the censors, WHY PERFORM A SONG IF ALL WE HEAR IS “I like a long hair thick red bone”………………………………………….”I wish I could ………… every girl in the world” Then they were late on the censors too. THEN how are you going to sing a song about having sexual intercourse with everygirl in the world while you have 10 year old hoodrats dancing around you?

quite suspect eh?

And drake shouldn’t of performed with his torn ACL. It was his first televised performance and it wasn’t nearly as good as it could’ve been.


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