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July 1, 2009, 9:51 pm
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DC chillin’, PG chillin’, my name Wale and I came to get

Let’s start of with the basics people, it’s Wal-ay just incase some were wondering. And he’s from the DMV if you haven’t heard him say it enough. And frankly he is about to be the hottest thing. Being from this area, I have known about the up and coming rapper for 4 years now, but what I used to listen to compared to his music now is SO different. He is continuing to grow to become apart of the new wave of rappers to save hip-hop music. And after listening to this mixtape Back To The Feature you should be able to understand why. The mixtape is produced by 9th wonder, the genius behind many many Drake songs. Yeah Think Good Thoughts? That’s produced by 9th and samples Sweet Love by Anita Baker beautifully. Everything from the beats, to the lyrics is executed well. And it has a different version of his newest song Chillin featuring Lady Gaga. I began to write down my favorites but as I continue to listen I realize that it become more and more. There are a few that I’m not the biggest fan of but there are more that I highly approve of.

One track you should really listen to is Goodbye, being such and R&B junkie I love all songs that have to do with love and crap like that. Another good one is New Soul which samples the song ‘New Soul’ by Nael Yaim, whoever that is.  And! Another song that samples/covers Pete Bjorn’s song Nothing To Worry about which I love. I don’t want to say it’s the So Far Gone but it’s up there for me. This mixtape is definetley a go. Download HERE

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