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no need to anticipate
July 1, 2009, 9:19 pm
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TreySongz- Anticipation Front Cover

On June 29th, the Trey Songz of twitter and beyond finally got the first part of what they’ve been waiting for from the music artist. His mixtape Anticipation. The second part being Ready of course. I don’t know if I am the only Trey fan that was pretty scared to hear what this mixtape would sound like from past Trey Songz freestyles/covers and so on. After I finished listening to all of it I was very excited for Ready. Trey goes back to his original singing roots with this mixtape which is great and it reminds me more of the Gotta Make It Trey with a dash of Trey Day Trey. What I mean by that is, Gotta Make It Trey was more about the R&B of everything. And the Trey Day Trey was more about….sex. Which is what Anticipation is mostly about but I mean I don’t see any complaints ;).

A couple of my favorites are Make It Rain, It Would Be, Scratchin Me Up, and Showerlude. But the mixtape in a whole is very good. If you haven’t downloaded it yet download it now! HERE


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