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July 8, 2009, 6:13 pm
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Yesterday my future husbands Maxwell’s newest album after a full decade BLACKsummersnight dropped. I’ve been replaying Pretty Wings & Bad Habit over and over and over again for some time now so I was very excited for this album. & just a quick btw I PLANNED to buy it but uhh…I didn’t so you know I had to LEGALLY (-_-) download it ofcourse.

I’m disappointed. There was nothing that grabbed me like Bad Habit or Pretty Wings after I heard it for the first time. There were a couple of songs that I favored, and I literally mean A COUPLE. But nothing too memorable. The album has this blues feel to it,which is nice but not really me. It’s something I would play just to replax and chill but not tjust to listen to, just because. If that makes much sense. According to Concrete Loop this album was the first part of a ‘triology’ around 2010 & 2011 he should be dropping two other albums one being blackSUMMERSnight and the other being blacksummersNIGHT. That’s kind of snazzy with the titles and such. I believe the blackSUMMERSnight will be more of a gospel type album and blacksummersNIGHT will be more of a soul feel. So I’m guessing the point of this was blues and in the words of concreteloop ‘love lost’. I guess I have to just let these songs fully grow on me and then wait for blacksummersNIGHT which I know I will favor highly.

It is not a bad investment just not the best choice. If you do plan on buying or LEGALLY downloading[….] my two favorites were, Fistfuloftears and Playingpossum along with Pretty Wings and Bad Habit which I guess out of 9 songs total, is a good amount.

If you were planning to buy hope I didn’t stop you from it, ‘different folks for different strokes’ or something like that. I hate that phrase.


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LOL. I planned on purchasing it. If I didn’t dig it, I was going to give it to my mum. I’m so bad at listening before I buy. Usually that means I’ll DL it, and then even if I like it, I’ll abandon the whole “purchasing” thing. It’s risky spending money though, haha, especially if you’ve only heard a select few songs.

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