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July 9, 2009, 4:58 pm
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I was directed to this blog via twitter [of course what other way?] and you know once I saw fashion I had to check it out, no shit. When I entered the blog I fell in love. Cristina Martinez is an up and coming fashion designer who’s future line I can already see myself buying from. It starts with the sketches, which are beyond presice.  From the design, the colors, to the ‘models’ skin tone , facial features, hair and accessories. Which is something you sometimes you won’t see because some designers just draw literally like stick figures and then pay attention more to the clothes. But it’s not just the clothes it’s the person who makes the clothes ‘pop’. She goes through the process with her readers by showing us the fabric and the ending outcome. And nowww, she is selling. You can e-mail her with anything you would like her too make and deal with the money process and what not. What I love the most about her designs are the patterns, when I used to draw in my fashion design class [i do NOT need to be a fashion designer btw lmao] I would pay attention to patterns and when shopping patterns always pull me so thats the first thing I noticed when I looked at her sketches.

Prom ain’t too far away! lmao I will need a dress different than every other females. So trust and believe I will be a future customer.

Visit her blog here [My Fashion Distraction] you’ll fall in love.


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Why, oh why would I stumble upon this after my aforementioned desire to sketch? =p

Comment by Apryll

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