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oh this is epic
July 10, 2009, 5:00 pm
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Apparently, now you can get PREGGY from in the pool.


A woman claims that an Egyptian hotel’s pool got her 13 daughter pregnant. Their family was on vacation and when they returned the daughter told her mother that she was pregnant, and her mother automatically blamed it on the sperminated, ‘mixed pool’ Which I guess means co-ed pool. Now you should know that I don’t really post stories like this on my blog because….I don’t, but this has to be the STUPIDEST thing and FUNNIEST thing I have heard all day. What the hell are you that naive that you think your 13 year old daughter isn’t having sex. WHO ISN’T HAVING SEX?!!!

I’m not but still.

These ‘kids’ are starting off younger and younger. Lady I hate to break it too you but your an idiot and your daughter is an idiot for atleast not having protected sex.

Sheesh,what is the world coming too?!


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And this isn’t the first time people have thought sperm to be so magical:

Comment by Samuel

LMAO, I said the same thing aloud @ “I’m not but still.” Shame on them.

Comment by Apryll

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