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July 12, 2009, 5:56 am
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Drake_Heartbreak_Drake_Part_2-front-large[how tacky right? -_-]

When I heard that Drake had a new mixtape I was so excited, y’all know I’m an avid Drake stan fan. This mixtape, Heartbreak Drake Part 2, was so disappointing I am giving a full blown review on WHY it sucked.

When I heard the first song my face went a little…uhhh. The first song I heard was Do It Now, it sounded unfinished. The chorus of the song had the beat louder than Drake’s singing, so you heard him singing a little bit but it either just faded away or became inaudible.

The second song, or intro whatever, was Sway from MTV talking about Drake getting signed blah,blah,blah. I think from there on I knew what the whole entire mixtape was going to be like.

Then I heard a song titled Juice. I don’t even remember what it sounds like to be honest. Nothing was memorable except for the beat.

Slow It Down came next and I think he was singing on this one. It was just horrible…real bad.

Something came up next and it was the first song I truly liked, well not truly but it was aight. It was another singing one and the lyrics were aight. It was what I call a ‘love rap’ song so I favored it.

The Winner. This is probably one of the best songs on the mixtape. It was the only one where the lyrical content was just as stong as everything else. I really liked this one.

Goin In, THE BEST SONG!!! And the sad part is, he had help from Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy, but Drake’s verse on this is hotttttt. I can’t really consider this a song of the mixtape just because it was alreayd released seperatley by Drake himself so technically the song is old. But this song is VERY good regardless if it’s on the mixtape or not.

I’m not going to waste my time writing about the two other songs Belly Shit and Stunt on You because I have NOOO idea what they sound like, none at all. The other songs featured on this mixtape were ;

Take You Down



The One w/Mary J. Blige

Invented Sex w/Trey Songz

Digital Girl w/Jamie Foxx,Kanye West,The Dream.

I was already familiar with Take You Down so I didn’t even bother trandferring it into my itunes. Of course Successful and Unstoppable we already know, I don’t know why he put those two songs on there as if the world doesn’t have So Far Gone. Like it’s your most popular mixtape what the hell. I refused to listen to the song with Mary J. Blige because I heard she used autotune in that song and I’ve been avoiding that song for the longest, because of Mary. Invented Sex was another one I was already familiar with and Drake was nothing hot on that song. And Digital Girl was another one he failed at.

SO; all in all I give lyrical content like a freaking 4/5. But I give production like a 8/9, msot of the songs had veryyy nice beats that were obviously wasted. The whole mixtape was Drake showing off on how he’s signed so like hate on him now and how he is hot commodity so on and so forth as if anyone cared. At least that is the vibe I got from it. I was BEYOND disppointed in his lyrics for most song these were some basic lyrics I was just like WOW. I’m not trying to hate either I LOVE Drake. I played So Far Gone every single day after it dropped, and I am totally in love with Comeback Season and Room For Improvement. That is why I am so disappointed because I know he can do so much better.

The chance of me actually purchasing Thank Me Later are becoming slimmer and slimmer. Hopefully there will be a change somehow,someway because this is not flowing well with me.

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Not so rave review, deng. I’ll wait.

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