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I think we owe Kanye a lot.
July 15, 2009, 2:16 am
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For bringing one of the ‘baddest’ females out into the spotlight. Yes, Amber was in her own videos and doing her own stuff before her and Kanye paired up but HONESTLY that dude should get at least 10% from her modeling funds for helping her out the way he did. Yesterday, Amber showed the twitterverse these photos from the Ford Modeling Agency, the modeling job she scored because of ..Kanye. Now I am not hating I love Amber as much as the next person,if they do, but this is clean example of a ‘Wouldn’t Get Far’ as The hater Game put it.

I actually think Amber deserves the spotlight though. She is GOREGEOUS first of all, she is the only female I’ve seen who has made bald look not ugly or too manly. And her attitude is just ..raw. She is not afraid to speak her mind and she is not worried about what people think of her. She is the only person who I truly believe loves haters and doesn’t just say it to sound better.

BUT,as much as I am rooting for her, I see her 15 minutes ticking by.


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I agree that she is absolutely gorgeous, but for some reason, I’ve not liked her paired with Kanye. Don’t get me wrong, they look OFF THE CHAIN together, but I just . . . I guess it’s my perception of how he reportedly wooed her, with the lavish gifts and all that, like immediately. He’s a celebrity, so what other method could he have resorted to? I’m getting used to the idea though. Don’t want to see him hurt, as if that’s possible. She is dang beautiful, so he at least desesrves that. And if she’s as genuine as you say, what more could he ask for?

Comment by Apryll

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