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July 17, 2009, 12:24 am
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While on facebook, someone on my friend’s list created a note about the male species. This note was SO ON POINT and it is not true for all males but all females have met a male who has fallen under one of these categories. All males like this are [lil duval]BASIC[/lil duval] If you fall under any of these categories [no need to be in denial] I suggest you change your ways ASAP if you plan on finding a good woman. She stated that females also fall under some of these categories and it’s true, it’s an equal thing. So females if you fall into those categories as well shape up homie!

Yesterday I read a note called “The 5 types of women all men hate” & it described the types of women that, you know .. feel they are Beyonce and can dance around feeling irreplaceable. The stalkers. The women that they feel they epitomize independence, etc .. After I read that I was talking to a few of my friends about it and I thought about how we always talk about the types of guys that we deal with on a regular basis. This isn’t to go on anyone, just to tell y’all what we be dealing with.

1. Mr. Clingy –
Destiny’s child referred to them as “bug a boos” in 1999. These are the guys that call/text/wanna hang out 24/7. And once they are around their girls they are ALL underneath them. Ugh , DEFINITELY not a good look.

2. Mr. Every Girl –
Also referred to as a “man whore” .. This is one of those guys that has talked to/messed with/tried to get at EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD. Well maybe not exactly, but it sure does seem that way. Sometimes he is a little arrogant & feels he can get with whoever he wants , but more than likely it won’t happen how he wants it to.

3. Mr. Internet Whore –
He who has 208374038432846324032487 female friends on facebook/myspace/etc , & only knows 3 of them forreal but comments on all of their pictures sometimes saying the nastiest things , messaging them about how he wants to see them, referring to them as their “wife”.. Knowing damn well he has a girlfriend and 3 babies sitting at his house. He better watch it , the internet is a nosy place & it’s sooo easy to get caught up that way.

4. Mr. Overly Sensitive –
These are grown men that cry like little skirts about almost everything. You tell them the sky is blue and they break down and have a fit. Plain & simple .. Grow some balls & man up.

5. Mr. Overly Persistent –
Also known as ANNOYING. These are the guys that are like that nigga in the Mad TV sketch “Can I Have Your Number. (If you haven’t seen it go to youtube & look it up) When a woman is trying to turn him down nicely & he can’t get the hint so he KEEPS TRYING. Or if he’s talking to her via text or internet & he keeps getting the “oh true” “that’s wassup” “ooo okay” or “lol” most likely she’s not interested. Take the hint & keep it moving.

6. Mr. “I’m Bout To” –
Her: Do you work ?
Him: Nah , not right now but I’m bout to get this job blah blah
Her: Oh, you drive or are you in school ?
Him: Ohhh .. Nahhh . I’m bout to get all that together. Matter of fact I need to register for class tomorrow.

She runs into him 3 months later ..
Still no car , no job , & no education. But he’s STILL “bout to”
Get that together.

7. Mr. No Priorities –
He is the cousin to “Mr. I’m Bout to” .. Also referred to by TLC as a “scrub”.
I’m sure you’ve heard the song , if not go listen to it .. Preferably the version with the Left Eye rap.
So there should be no explanation necessary.

8. Mr. Spit Game –
“Damn baby , do your feet hurt ? Cuz you been running through my mind ALL day”


That was an exaggeration but guys do stay stupid stuff like that. Things like that .. We don’t say. These are guys that either don’t know how to talk to a girl generally just to make conversation , or think it’s cool to say things like that. Lol , no . It’s really not .

9. Mr. Rich –
Personally , I will never be bothered with a BROKE nigga. However, money doesn’t matter to me .. But I just need to know you have your stuff together. But these guys are the ones that flash the material things they have all in other people’s face .. Especially females to attract their attention. In attempts to be like TI LITERALLY saying “You can have whatever you like” … – _ – Shut up. These are the guys promising to take them wherever they want , buy them this , blah blah blah. Truthfully, if he can ONLY attract a woman with how much money he has , where he can take her , and how much his outfit costs there’s one of two problems going on. 1. She’s a gold digger 2. He has NOTHING else going on for him. or both.

There are soo many other types of guys that we have come in contact with.
These are just some of the general ones , put into my perspective.
So don’t get offended if you feel you have to fall under one of these categories.
& Ladies .. SOME OF US FALL UNDER SOME OF THESE TOO. So we can’t completely put guys into this.


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