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who hotter than me?
October 9, 2009, 1:55 am
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MTV released their annual top 10 hottest MC’s list recently, instead of having a full show they gave it in bits and peices which I don’t personally enjoy. The list this year is kind of….surprising. #1 no arguing shut up if you think differently. #2 no surprise, but I don’t agree. OKay yeah his metaphors,similes, and personifications are quite funny but wayne is NO WHERE on my top 10 list, maybe 11. Now #3 WOWWWW! Drake’s been out in the public eye for how long?  Above all these artist who have been trying for so many years. Props to him for reaching that level that many have yet to achieve. I agree slightly, but y’all should know now I’m an OLD Drake fan. This music he’s putting out now (besides so far gone) is not the BIZ-NAZZ. AND DRAKE ABOVE KANYE?!! Interesting…..Personally I think Kanye has had a pretty okay year, when it comes to being an MC lol. His lyrics on  cameos’ are hot. Rick Ross, I don’t may him much mind but everyone seemed to rave over his last album and he even qualified to make the list so he must be some good. GUCCI MANE?!! GET OUT!! GET OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!(okay I cised it) This had me pretty stunned, because first of all he’s underground. Doesn’t get much radio play, well until recently he hasn’t and as for MC WHAT?! The only thing Gucci has are catchy beats, and ad libs that I can’t help but imitate (gucci! yeahhh) Jeezy, once again not much attention. Fabolous has actually stunned me with this Losos way stuff. I think he deserved to be on here, he’s ‘certified’ now no more hollaback youngin WOO WOO! -_- 50 cent is still making music? Too gangsta for me. And Raekwon is also?

This years list defintely had me like…uhmmm okay?! Thoughts?


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This is a list for 2009 and yet there are rappers listed that I haven’t even heard a major record from this year. Drake should come second, Kanye should come third, and Weezy should come after Kanye.(…really last in my mind but I’m not here to talk shit). I like Fabolous, but what has he had out that was actually “popular” this year – like, on some ‘Best I Ever Had’ “popular” type shit?

Jeezy? Gucci? What? Huh? …. Why?

Comment by Harlem

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