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November 14, 2009, 3:42 am
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Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m late on this, y’all should kno by now I don’t watch TV and frankly I’m pretty tired of hearing about this situtation so I didn’t bother watching the interviews but for some reason….I did. And so,I shall present ‘my thoughts’….

1)This was just wayyy to serious for 106, there was so many awkward pauses and silences I was just like ..uhhh

2)Someone tell Rocsi that she is…Rocsi and not Barbra Walters. She was doing TOO much! Was it funny? Ehhh just a little.

3)This was the most sincere interviews out of all of them for Chris though, for the first time I think I truly believed his words.

4) Those riding boots…#notagoodlook chris not a good look

5)He said something about his twitter page and it reminded all over again how he is probably the most annoying tweeter ever.

6)Did y’all see miss ‘polo on my body’ round 17:25. It just stuck out to me so much. Why girl, why?

7)How many times does Chris say at the end of the day in one day? Like honestly.

And finally,

8)Does this mean it’s all OVER?!!! These questions,will not change what happened that night. Let both of them breathe sheesh!



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When I started watching I said 21 mins??
I’m so over this whole situation, and I feel like others should be to. These interviews are getting redundant! Idk why but it seems like at the end he was trying to hold back a smile, cause I sure as hell was laughing.

Before he did the interview he tweeted and told us to expect a lot of “at the end of the day.”

& I noticed the polo girl too lol.

Comment by Jasmine

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