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the duel, part 2.
December 11, 2009, 1:25 am
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I had the idea to do this after I finally downloaded Rihanna’s CD. I thought that both of them would really bring their best bet to the table and try to prove themselves after everything that happened. At first I believed that they would be both all about each other and they weren’t,well not exactly. So let’s start with Rated R, the album I heard first. The first song that really stuck out to me on this was G4L, I really like that song. Like although she may be taking this Good Girl Gone Bad image to the extra mile, it works & that is what I like. My favorite, favorite song on there is Fire Bomb. The songs that she picks are good for her lack of talent abilities [does that make sense?] Russian Roulette is a song that has grown on me. My other favorites are Rockstar 101, Photographs and Hard [of course]. The whole album in general is very good to me. It comes close to her GGGB album which is veryyyy good.

I was actually expecting Chris to come VERY hard with Graffiti but all I heard was AUTO-TUNE -_-. The album crossed over more to the pop -ish side, which I believe Chris has been shooting for ever since Forever. And not all of the songs are secondarily bad, but their just not my type of music. I like the electro genre, but when you try to cross R&B,auto-tune and electro into one… I get lost [ I really can’t get over the auto-tune]. My favorite song on there,besides Crawl is Famous Girl. The melody is so cute and I like how he incorporates all of the artists in there. I also like Sing Like Me, Lucky Me, Fallin’ Down, and Take My Time. WOOO Take My Time a BIG step up from Take You Down, in a good way.

I favor Rihanna’s album more than Chris’ #attheendoftheday. I was actually surprised because to me, Rihanna’s album was more about Chris than his album was about her. Either way I think both albums are good and something you should look into buying/downloading


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