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just one night travis.
November 23, 2009, 4:01 am
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the video for Live A Little dropped earlier this week but I had to post it, first of all this is one of the few songs that Disashi wrote (the black guy) and one of the few he has sang on. I loved it, and the concept of the song.

And Travis gosh Travis..

but peep my bew Dejesus waving that gym class flag, you go hype man you go


my night of epicness.

Although my blog is not THAT personal I’d thought I’d share one of the best concert experiences with all of y’all. Counting this one, I’ve been to 5 concerts. This one shitted on ALLLL of them. The concert made me look at rock music in a total different light than hip hop music. Their concerts definetley have more to add to the feel so they really don’t need all the props that i’ve seen other R&B/hip-hop artist use when they perform. Anyhow, it featured Never Shout Never,The Academy Is,The Veronicas,Gym Class Heroes, and Boys Like Girls.

The Academy is was the BESTTTTT no doubt, they were GREAT!

The Veronicas weren’t that great I heard more music than their voice they were decent.

NSN,GCH,BLG = <333333


here are some pictures :)!


Never Shout Never’s Christofer Drew. I never really listened to them but I def have to listen to more after the concert. he was so ADORABLEEEE!!!

20090728_26The Veronicas! Even though they weren’t that great I still love them,fashion wise. THEIR SHOES WERE BADDDDDD. Like I’m sure I was the only one in the venue pissed because I couldn’t get snapshots of the beauties.

20090728_39The Acadaemy Is. THE BEST! Everyone on stage was just so LIVE! Especially the lead singer. They outstaged even the headliners!!!


20090728_57GYM CLASSSSS! 🙂

I FELL IN LOVEEEE with Travis but more so I fell in love witht his man

20090728_55FCKING MARC DEJESUS! OHMYGOSHHHHH when and where marc-ie boy, when and WHEREE?! I was waiting for them to come just to see him lmao. He is their hypeman btw and just golden ray of sunshine. bahahaha

20090728_106Boys Like Girls! They did GREAT! This was when they let everyone come up and some people get on stage. Me…well I got trampled sooo uhh I stayed on the floor.

20090728_102And FINALLY, the bottle I caught from Boys Like Girls 🙂 I couldn’t find a cup holder so…i made my own with my skirt…

OH! and if you have MTV U they are showing the concert on there on August 10th or you can just watch it at on the 10th also and see if you see meee!!! Won’t be too hard….token.