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triple throwback
July 3, 2009, 7:08 pm
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this is still my SONG! i was in love with the boy in video too! mm wonder where he is now….

I wanted to put loungin cause that was my song but uhm…yeah this is still my song also……anyhow

for my CMB’ers.

check him out rocking back & forth in his choppa suit though!!

and even though i said triple here is an extra;

this video was kinda =\ though

happy friday everyone.


the good part 2
June 29, 2009, 10:09 pm
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Image7Don’t act like you haven’t seen worse.

Image8Image141. Ne-Yo’s Michael Jackson performance[the first one]- I was very excited after this performance. I was like ‘finally a good performance!’ Ne-yo’s voice is BEAUTIFUL he did the song justice.

2. Maxwell’s performance-my oh my 🙂 he SHUT IT DOWNNNNNNNN.

3.Johnny Gill, Tyrese, & Trey Songz performance- This is GREAT! It was funny cause everyone was like ‘I didn’t know Trey danced’ lmao they did great. Tyrese did veryyyy well.

3.Keke Palmer’s what should of been performance- I did not know she could sing like that!!!! It took me by surprise completely but it was great.

4. I HATE YOU JODY!- Your watching BET you must know what was behind all of this and why it was just so great lmao. Seeing as how you can see Baby Boy every hour on the hour if watch BET.

5. Guy, BBD,Keith Sweat- I’m young I know! But I’d rather listen to old school music than this crap they play on the radio now so I know about all these guys. Guy and BBD shut it down. Keith Sweat…..yeah.