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June 8, 2009, 11:24 pm
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A Tribe Called Quest-Find A Way

Lauryn Hill-Ex-Factor

One of my favorite groups and one of my favorite artists and two songs that are my favorites by them. Now excuse me for saying this, I’m a younging y’all remember that, but uhm……I didn’t even know they videos for these songs. Like I was so surprised!! loll. I’m actually pretty mad I just figured out about these videos too because that is my favorite Tribe song,well one of the few, and the video is shot very nicely. And Lord knows how many times I’ve played ex-factor, I’m even tired of the song now I’ve played it outttt.

Anyhow to the people who DID know of these videos [-_-] enjoy.


the miseducation of lauryn hill
March 26, 2009, 1:02 am
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‘there is a difference between loving someobody and being in love, you can love anybody but when your in love with some body your looking at it like this. Your taking that person for what he or she is, no matter what he or she do.”

“If you fall in love you can fall out of love”

“You might stop being in love with them but you are not going to stop loving that person”

“Maybe sometimes they’ve never been in love before or they’ve never been loved before. They don’t know what the feeling is to be loved”

THAT right there is what i would like to call THE TRUTH