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March 24, 2009, 5:06 am
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TREY SONGZ has DEF moved up a few steps. He was always good to me, the he cut his hair and iw as like…mmmm :), then i started hearing all his freestyles and i began to love him a lot as an artist and after the livechat he has upgraded even more. Now first of all not many artist will take the time to do that. Like he wasn’t even at the computer he was rehearsing most of the time and what not but he did come and talk to the chatters and blah blah blah answer questions and crap but like this wasn’t somethat was set up he did this off the random. I have a lot of respect for him for reaching out to his fans like that and what not that is real cool. And he is a very humble and funny person so KUDOS to tremainee 🙂

and he can handle thos FANS STANSSSSSS! Over at Fiction United they call them CGG’s (cum guzzling groupies) which started this big battle between TSMB(trey songz message board) and FU and blah blah blah. but with the magic of twitter trey cam over to FU created an account and what not blah blah THAT IS BESIDE THE POINT. theses FEMALESSS! you would think that maybe since they are older they would be more matured but trust they are worse than CB fans. Since Trey isn’t THATTT big they are like watching his everydamn move lmao. And say some the WILDEST things

someone would say(these were actually all said some rephrased):”Trey got your drawz on fire!

and they kept on reposting and reposting and reposting

and people would type like’say my name blah blah’ over and over and over and over then post it then continue!

“Trey let me breast feed you”

like these are GROWN WOMEN acting like damn 15 year olds. I act more mature than that lmao.


his name is tremaine
March 24, 2009, 4:53 am
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and he live streams with his fans

here are a few prnt screen i captured of course my reflexes are HORRIBLE so it didn’t work out at the best parts and i only got two cause i did one at the end and the video jsut froze. awkard i know. i’ll have some audio up tomorrow hopefully thank you to the ladies at Fiction United who will be the ones providing me with the audio.



and that was the rest of the video for like the last couple of minutes for me. audio still worked.

sooo YEAH hopefully i’llbe able to get some good audio tomorrow!