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bad habit
August 8, 2009, 1:12 pm
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Recently, Maxwell released a video to his second single Bad Habit from the BLACKsummernight album. Bad Habit has always been my favorite along with Pretty Wings so I was pretty excited for this video. When it first started I thought it was a bit sketchy. Maxwell just walking around like a creeper [a sexy creeper though] was just awkward. Then BAM, Kerry Washington shows up and it changes. Kerry is BAD! She made the video sensual but not raunchy, I liked the chemistry her and Maxwell had together.

I love this video it is so sexy.


July 8, 2009, 6:13 pm
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Yesterday my future husbands Maxwell’s newest album after a full decade BLACKsummersnight dropped. I’ve been replaying Pretty Wings & Bad Habit over and over and over again for some time now so I was very excited for this album. & just a quick btw I PLANNED to buy it but uhh…I didn’t so you know I had to LEGALLY (-_-) download it ofcourse.

I’m disappointed. There was nothing that grabbed me like Bad Habit or Pretty Wings after I heard it for the first time. There were a couple of songs that I favored, and I literally mean A COUPLE. But nothing too memorable. The album has this blues feel to it,which is nice but not really me. It’s something I would play just to replax and chill but not tjust to listen to, just because. If that makes much sense. According to Concrete Loop this album was the first part of a ‘triology’ around 2010 & 2011 he should be dropping two other albums one being blackSUMMERSnight and the other being blacksummersNIGHT. That’s kind of snazzy with the titles and such. I believe the blackSUMMERSnight will be more of a gospel type album and blacksummersNIGHT will be more of a soul feel. So I’m guessing the point of this was blues and in the words of concreteloop ‘love lost’. I guess I have to just let these songs fully grow on me and then wait for blacksummersNIGHT which I know I will favor highly.

It is not a bad investment just not the best choice. If you do plan on buying or LEGALLY downloading[….] my two favorites were, Fistfuloftears and Playingpossum along with Pretty Wings and Bad Habit which I guess out of 9 songs total, is a good amount.

If you were planning to buy hope I didn’t stop you from it, ‘different folks for different strokes’ or something like that. I hate that phrase.

the good part 2
June 29, 2009, 10:09 pm
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Image7Don’t act like you haven’t seen worse.

Image8Image141. Ne-Yo’s Michael Jackson performance[the first one]- I was very excited after this performance. I was like ‘finally a good performance!’ Ne-yo’s voice is BEAUTIFUL he did the song justice.

2. Maxwell’s performance-my oh my 🙂 he SHUT IT DOWNNNNNNNN.

3.Johnny Gill, Tyrese, & Trey Songz performance- This is GREAT! It was funny cause everyone was like ‘I didn’t know Trey danced’ lmao they did great. Tyrese did veryyyy well.

3.Keke Palmer’s what should of been performance- I did not know she could sing like that!!!! It took me by surprise completely but it was great.

4. I HATE YOU JODY!- Your watching BET you must know what was behind all of this and why it was just so great lmao. Seeing as how you can see Baby Boy every hour on the hour if watch BET.

5. Guy, BBD,Keith Sweat- I’m young I know! But I’d rather listen to old school music than this crap they play on the radio now so I know about all these guys. Guy and BBD shut it down. Keith Sweat…..yeah.

new musica.
June 10, 2009, 7:54 pm
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Jojo-Houstatlantavegas cover[HERE]

When I saw this I got pretty excited because Jojo does really good covers, and this not a Drake song many people cove,obviously everyone knows which one that is. Jojo also has a VERY nice voice so this was pretty exciting. The actual song itself wasn’t though. I think she is talking about a lost stripper…I don’t know lol. The song is just okay it’s definitely something that may take a while to break into.

Maxwell-Bad Habits[HERE]

Ahhh my husband Maxwell. I am BEYOND excited for his upcoming album, when I was younger my sister and cousin were in love with him and I never understood why. Oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY do I understand now. I bump his old music now since I was too young to appreciate then and his new songs. I play Pretty Wings about everyday lol. This new song Bad Habits is just as beautiful. When it started I thought I had been tricked the beginning doesn’t really sound like him but going into the song I began to like it even more and more. A definite new favorite for me.