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remember these guys?
August 3, 2009, 9:08 pm
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58030474Maybe it’s just me who forgot that The Cool Kids exsisted. I used to be the biggest fan of their music way back when, when I first heard Getting It feat. Lil Wayne. Now their hype is just…uhhh to me. Mikey can stil get it though.


cooler than that
May 30, 2009, 5:01 am
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gonefishingGONE FISHING is the latest mixtape from the upcoming/still underground duo THE COOL KIDS. I may be a little late on this mixtape because I stopped listenting to the cool kids. They were actually “cool” when I first heard Gettin It feat. Lil Wayne and Mikey Rocks but then everyone hopped on and I lost interest in them. So today, as I was doing my daily blog scans I went over to VASHTIE’s blog and she had a post on the mixtape. I had heard it was good so I was like why not? Now when I heard the first couple of songs [Broadcasting Live, Introducing Ice Fishing, Knocked Down] I was slightly disappointed. Then the remix for their song “Pennies” came next featuring Ludacris. It was after that when I finally began to be like ‘oh okay this is pretty legit’ WHAT I DON’T LIKE is the fact that I feel as if I am listening to the Lil Wayne x Juelz Santana mixtapes [I Can’t feel my face etc] The mixing, the ‘Cannons’ it is HIGHLY annoying and distracting.It takes away from the song. All in all, if you were a cool kids fan from the jump you can tell that they have definetley grown lyricaly. The beats are of course,nice.

A couple of songs to check out

Pennies remix

Summer Vacation

Tune Up

Weekend Girls feat. Ryan Leslie


Those were my favorites I would have to say Summer Vacation and Weekend Girls are my fave. Summer Vacation was obviously a really good summer song had the Will Smith Summertime type vibe. Weekend Girls is a mix betwen hip hop and R&B which I am a sucker for because I am such an R&B junkie.

Download HERE.