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legit blogs dos.
November 21, 2009, 7:25 pm
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I did a post like this way back and decided to do it again because I have come across so very nice blogs lately.  It’s only three but they are very good blogs. Being a fellow ‘blogger’ myself(I use that term loosely) I really enjoy looking around at other people’s blogs. It’s nice too see what others are doing that you are not and it can fuel up some good ideas, in a non jocking way. They are all different in their own ways, obviously, which makes them well a ..legit blog. They consist of everything I love fashion,GOOD music and other things that I may not LOVE but I do find interesting. Sooo, I suggest you check them out and add them onto your daily blog roll.

Soles & Addicts




favored fashion fix.
July 11, 2009, 3:44 pm
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Alright people here is another LEGIT BLOG, as I like to call them. And yes, it is a fashion blog as usual.

So while finding new followers on twitter, I came across this blog and did a little ‘WOOHOO’ in my head. Favored fashion fix is literally like..a favorite fashion fix. It has everything you can think of regarding fashion and the popculture ‘world’. Peices from new runway shows, editorials, photoshoots, a celebrity fashion fix, designer ‘spotlights’, everything. You can tell that the owner of the site, Janard Williams, pays attention to every aspect of fashion and posts it for his readers to enjoy. Helps me learn more and more which I do not mind.


The site has these gifs;



There are a lot more on the side, but these were my fave because well…the Drake video was basically all that was shown in the first one and BAPS was my MOVIEEEE!! Man it just reminded me of the movie, now I need to go find it on youtube or something and watch it that movie was hilarious.

So for the fashion lovers who read my blog, FAVOREDFASHIONFIX [thats clickable people] is a GREAT blog to look at and if you want to get into fashion a little more it’s still a great blog it will teach you a lot about the ‘high couture’ stuff, about models besides the popular Chanel Iman, and about the new autumn/winter ’10 lines from many designers. Go check it outttt I loved it.

[those gifs were straight from the blog btw]

fashion distractions
July 9, 2009, 4:58 pm
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I was directed to this blog via twitter [of course what other way?] and you know once I saw fashion I had to check it out, no shit. When I entered the blog I fell in love. Cristina Martinez is an up and coming fashion designer who’s future line I can already see myself buying from. It starts with the sketches, which are beyond presice.  From the design, the colors, to the ‘models’ skin tone , facial features, hair and accessories. Which is something you sometimes you won’t see because some designers just draw literally like stick figures and then pay attention more to the clothes. But it’s not just the clothes it’s the person who makes the clothes ‘pop’. She goes through the process with her readers by showing us the fabric and the ending outcome. And nowww, she is selling. You can e-mail her with anything you would like her too make and deal with the money process and what not. What I love the most about her designs are the patterns, when I used to draw in my fashion design class [i do NOT need to be a fashion designer btw lmao] I would pay attention to patterns and when shopping patterns always pull me so thats the first thing I noticed when I looked at her sketches.

Prom ain’t too far away! lmao I will need a dress different than every other females. So trust and believe I will be a future customer.

Visit her blog here [My Fashion Distraction] you’ll fall in love.

and YOU must see these
April 8, 2009, 10:28 pm
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just saw these blogs started off with my cousin telling me about one of them they are very nice.

check it out!